Type: Media

Published: 10/13/2016

Rin Johnson ** My Daughter, Aaliyah (Norf, Norf)

On Language
A life that exists only in Language
A life that is valued only in Language
The impractical nature of the Body in the Face of Language
They said you are Free We have said it so.
This Freedom does not exist.
This Freedom would mean that the Body would have the actual ability to be Free.
Free could be defined a number of ways:
Free to change a tire in the Body,
Free to wear a hood on the Body,
Free to ask why the Body is being arrested,
Free to use the Body to drive a car,
Free to walk the Body home from work,
Free to protest with the Body,
Free to play with toys in the Body,
Free to be sick in the Body,
Free to pray with the Body,
Free to sit in the Body.

Nothing whole and nothing half
(Nichts halbes und nichts ganzes)

Have you been to the South?
They fry dough and speak bad French and everything Floods.
It was my first lesbian wedding
I own a bakery
I got a machine
I got a cook
Do you know how to cook -
Of course
I make the best chicken in the world
You know they do the funerals different there too.
They go all around town shaking towers
Singing songs of dead men, their bodies still waiting in the swamps.

She was sometimes funny pushing gays off business,
off buildings.
She lies
I was in little Haiti,
It won't get any worse.
You'll lie down and they'll dress you and you'll go to the grave.
I mean who does that.

It can't be any worse.
We are willing to lay down our lives for this democracy - and you misuse that in the streets,
on television.

Last summer I rode Claude thru Berlin listening to Summertime '06:

There seems to be a complete disconnect between reality and dreams.
It feels so good to be there and not here.

It can't get any worse.

Side by side in Tom's living room
I think to myself
What would have to happen for me to stand during your anthem?
I don't think I will ever stand again.